CEPIC 60th anniversary contest

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, CEPIC offers its customers to participate a special contest.

Every participating customer is asked to identify its older CEPIC equipment still in operation; corrosion resistant centrifugal pump, graphite heat exchanger, sulfuric acid diluter system, graphite steam ejector…

It is then requested to fill the CEPIC 60th anniversary questionnaire and send it back to cepic@cepic.fr, with « 60th anniversary contest » as subject, before March 31th, 2019.

CEPIC will study each received questionnaire and will select the winners.

The prizes will be won depending on the age of the identified equipment, the winner being the customer having the oldest equipment in operation and so on. Only one prize per customer.

Download our questionnaire : CEPIC_contest_60anniversary_diffusé