Corrosion resistant pumps

CEPIC’s centrifugal pumps ensure the completely safe transfer of corrosive liquids. Depending on the model, our line can handle flows of from 1 mᶟ/h to up to 700 mᶟ/h and discharge heads of from 2 meters to up to 130 meters.
CEPIC’s centrifugal pumps are massive pumps, built in materials that are particularly resistant to corrosion: impregnated artificial graphite, Carbonite ®, or plastics (PP, HDPE, PVDF and PTFE). An ATEX series is also available (94/9/EC). Sturdy and dependable, CEPIC’s pumps are used on all five continents for the most severe types of applications.

Each pump is adapted to our customers’ needs. Our engineers choose the materials, the sealing solution (magnetic drive, single mechanical sealing, double…) and the hydraulic sizing, according to the specifications for each application. The pumps we supply are heavy-duty, dependable and have very low total cost of ownership. 

All our pumps are individually tested at the end of the production process, in order to guarantee totally safe operation and perfect customer satisfaction. 

CEPIC corrosion resistant centrifugal pump range comprises:

– Horizontal standardized pumps, PHN type

– Close coupled pumps, PMB/PMC tpe

– Magnetic coupling pumps, PEM type

– Vertical sump pumps, PVI type

– Vertical glandless pumps, PV type

           Pompe centrifuge plastique  close coupled plastic pumpmagnetic driven plastic centrifugal pump    Pompe vertical semi immergée    Pompe vertical en graphite         


CEPIC equipment is used on all five continents in a wide range of applications: chemical industries, steel industries, mining industries, water treatment, agro-food industries…
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To celebrate its 60th anniversary, CEPIC offers its customers to participate a special contest.   more +

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CEPIC is proud to celebrate this year its 60th anniversary !
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