Dilution of Sulfuric Acid skids


Continuous, safe and economical production of diluted and cooled sulfuric acid (H2SO4) at a specified, fixed concentration, based on high concentration acid and water.


shemadilueurCEPIC sulfuric acid dilutor


The high concentration acid and the water are mixed in a specific apparatus called a dilutor. This produces a highly exothermic reaction.
The diluted acid that is produced is therefore delivered at a high temperature. It is then cooled in a Carbonite® heat exchanger.


package-dilutionSkid assembly for 98% sulfuric acid dilution; yields acid that is diluted at 40%
  • Calculation of the thermal balance of
    the specific dilution to define and
    optimize the choice of components
  • Separate components:
    • Carbonite® and PTFE dilutors
    • Carbonite® heat exchangers
    • Centrifugal pumps, dosing
    pumps, Air operated double
    diaphragm pumps
  • Compact dilution skids:
    • All apparatus, connecting
    and skid pipes
    • Cooling fluid
    • Regulation and safety
    • On-site mounting and startup


  • Reduction in the intermediate reserves
    Skid assembly for 98% sulfuric acid dilution; yields acid that is diluted at 40%
  • Reduced acid transport costs (only the acid concentrate needs to be transported)
  • Rapidly operational dilution skid
  • The diluted acid is delivered cold and thus can be used immediately
  • Flexible use with respect to a nominal flow rate
  • Possibility of varying the concentration and temperature of the diluted acid

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