CEPIC designs, manufactures and sells anticorrosion equipment for the fertilizer industry:

  • Centrifugal pumps in Carbonite® or plastics, (polypropylene PP, high density polyethylene HDPE, polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF, PTFE), horizontal or vertical, with or without mechanical fittings (delivery of phosphoric acid – H3PO4 , fluorosilicic acid – H2SiF6 …),
  • Carbonite® heat exchangers (heating units, cooling units…),
  • Skid assemblies for the dilution of sulfuric acid
  • Graphite rupture discs (protection of containers from over-pressurization),
  • Stirrers and shakers (standard vat stirrers, made-to-specification stirrers …)



We are always available to discuss your needs with you and suggest solutions
adapted to your applications.


CEPIC equipment is used on all five continents in a wide range of applications: chemical industries, steel industries, mining industries, water treatment, agro-food industries…
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New ranges of graphite blocks !

CEPIC manufactures new ranges of graphite blocks, dense or standard drilling. more +


60th ANNIVERSARY contest result !

CEPIC is proud to announce the end of its 60th anniversary contest. The winner is a user of a 1985 pump. more +

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