Gas Scrubber Vacuum packages


Ejector and hydro-ejector unit for the generation of a vacuum in a tank as per process


Serial mounting of one or more ejectors with a hydroejector allows high vacuums to be generated without pressure columns or an intermediate recuperation unit.
The use of hydro-ejectors neutralizes the extracted gases by condensing them or absorbing them with the motive liquid.
If necessary, a Carbonite® cooling unit can be inserted into the series to prevent temperature increases.


Gas scrubber vacuum generator assembly with Carbonite® ejectors and CEPIC anti-corrosion centrifugal pump



  • Your needs analysis
  • Component calculation and optimization
  • Production of the ejectors, hydro-ejectors, pumps,
    heat exchangers, storage tanks…
  • Setup assembly and fitting of the connecting pipes
    and skid
  • Regulation and safety measures where required
  • On-site mounting and startup


  • Ejectors produced in Carbonite® or plastics (PP, PE, PVDF)
  • PP, PEHD, PVDF tanks
  • CEPIC Centrifugal pumps in Carbonite®, PP, PE, PVDF or PTFE.
  • Can be built for ATEX 94/9/CE zones


  • Perfect resistance to corrosion
  • Standard or built-to-specification skids
  • Space requirements adapted to your needs
  • Integration of CEPIC-produced components for a reliable and economical offer

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CEPIC equipment is used on all five continents in a wide range of applications: chemical industries, steel industries, mining industries, water treatment, agro-food industries…
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