Graphite Block Heat Exchangers

CEPIC graphite heat exchangers are designed to heat, cool, condensate or evaporate corrosive fluids.

The corrosive fluids are in contact only with corrosion resistant materials: Carbonite®, PP, PVDF, coated steel.

The service fluids (steam, water…) are in contact with carbon steel parts or coated parts.

Each CEPIC graphite heat exchanger is made of one (or more) block(s) in Carbonite®. Each block is drilled with two series of channels positionned in parallel planes, in which the fluids are circulated

The process channels and the service channels never cross, allowing perfect tightness between the two sides of the heat exchanger.

Each heat exchanger is sized to match each customer’s process requirements and needs. They are designed in compliance with PED 97/23/CE.


CEPIC range of heat exchanger comprises :
Horizontal graphite heat exchanger (heater, cooler)

Cubic graphite heat exchanger (condenser, cooler, absorber)

Vertical graphite heat exchanger (heater, cooled, evaporator)

Multipass cubic graphite heat exchanger for small flows or heat exchange between two corrosive fluids.

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      Echangeur en graphite EHC            Echangeur vertical en graphite           Echangeur horizontal en graphite CEPIC          Echangeur à bloc cubique en graphite



CEPIC equipment is used on all five continents in a wide range of applications: chemical industries, steel industries, mining industries, water treatment, agro-food industries…
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New ranges of graphite blocks !

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60th ANNIVERSARY contest result !

CEPIC is proud to announce the end of its 60th anniversary contest. The winner is a user of a 1985 pump. more +

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