Standardized Horizontal Pumps PHN

Our standardized PHN-type horizontal pumps with mechanical seals ensure the delivery of corrosive liquids with a flow rate of up to 700m3/h and a discharge head of 130 meters.

All components in contact with the corrosive liquids are manufactured with materials that are highly corrosion-resistant: phenolic resin-impregnated graphite or plastic materials.

Each pump is adapted to our clients’ specific needs. We select the materials, the characteristics and the type of sealing in function of each application, and can adapt systems supplied by the major producers of mechanical fittings.

All of our pumps are individually tested at the end of the production process, in order to guarantee perfect sealing and total operating safety.


Carbonite® (CEPIC graphite process), Polypropylene, HD Polyethylene, PVDF, PTFE.


  • Standardization as per ISO 2858/5199 and complementary models
  • Maximum standardization and interchangeability of the main components
  • Greater ease of maintenance due to the design process
  • Can be built for ATEX 94/9/CE zones


  • Flow rates up to 700 m3/h.
  • pressure head up to 60 m at 1450 t/mn and 135 m at 2900 t/mn,
  • temperatures up to 165°C depending on materials


Simple, tandem or double mechanical seals


Pumps for intensive, extremely heavy-duty operations

Possible adaptations: belt-and-pulley transmission, variable speed drives

We are always available to discuss your needs with you and suggest solutions adapted to your applications.

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CEPIC equipment is used on all five continents in a wide range of applications: chemical industries, steel industries, mining industries, water treatment, agro-food industries…
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