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445 rue du Noyer des Bouttières 76800 Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France
skills, services and know-how

Assemblies and Complete sets

Our manufacturing and engineering capabilities allow us to combine our products with each other to obtain complete systems, mounted on frames that can be directly integrated at our customers. We take care of the entire manufacturing of the system, providing you with a skid ready to connect.

Our Engineers study your needs and define with you various complete systems:

Assemblies sets and systems - SKIDS


Our teams of engineers, with their expertise in the dimensioning of engineering components anti-corrosion chemicals, also master the sizing of the processes associated with them. In addition to our ranges of industrial components, we are able to offer you complete systems and assemblies sized and designed according to your specifications and constraints.

More details

Our teams take care of the following aspects of the realization of your systems:

  • Expression of need
  • Process sizing
  • Energy and heat balances
  • Summary Draft and Final Draft Definition
  • Detail studies
  • Purchases of “standard” components
  • Dimensioning, design and construction of specific elements (pumps, exchangers, ejectors, etc.)
  • Realization of regulation and control systems
  • Assembly and testing in our workshops
  • Assembly and commissioning on site

CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS exchangers assemblies


Dedicated technical monitoring of our systems and Installed skids guarantees fast service for the supply of spare parts, even decades after the first commissioning.



Sales department

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Our experience in the manufacture of anti-corrosion equipment allows us to control the implementation works of the following materials:



Impregnated artificial graphite, usable up to temperatures of 170°C, with a low coefficient of expansion, high geometric stability and excellent resistance to most corrosive environments.


PVDF (Polyfluorure de vinylidène)

Essential characteristics of this material: thermoplasticity allowing easy implementation; stability remarkable thermal in a range of -50°C to +150°C; mechanical resistance far superior to all common thermoplastics; very good resistance to abrasion and excellent resistance to most corrosive agents.


PP (Polypropylène)

Anti-corrosion material widely used and easy to implement. Excellent mechanical resistance up to a temperature 90°C; good chemical resistance to the main acids, bases and certain solvents.


PE (Polyéthylène)

Excellent shock resistance, even at very low temperatures; good chemical resistance to acids and certain solvents; operating temperature: -50 to +80°C; very good abrasion resistance.


PTFE (Polyftetrafluoréthylène)

Excellent chemical inertness, usable in a temperature range up to 120 or 150°C (neat or loaded). Its particularities of implementation mean that this material must be reserved for specific applications.

100% made in France


Our exchangers are manufactured in Normandy, in Saint Etienne du Rouvray, 120 km north west of Paris. Our recent factory benefits from the best impregnation and machining technologies and the experience of our teams. This alliance, between know-how and best technologies, allows us to manufacture robust our heat exchangers with particularly low total costs of ownership.

At your service


Our sales team is at your disposal to select the materials and constructions that meet your needs. In order to offer a complete service, we offer, in addition to our new pumps, a quality after-sales service (repair in our workshops, replacement parts). original spare). Dedicated technical monitoring of our installed pump fleet guarantees rapid service for the supply of spare parts, even several decades after initial commissioning.


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